CVCS Squadron Picnic


Cache Valley Composite Squadron Picnic, 6 July 2012
By Susan Roecker

The Cache Valley Composite Squadron gathered for a picnic and awards presentation at the historic Mendon Station pavilion and park area on 6 July 2012. Senior and cadet members of the squadron–and many of their family members–enjoyed good food, good company, and a warm summer evening together. Squadron Commander Inken Christensen served as the coordinator and grill-master at the picnic.

Captain Jason Mettman joined the Squadron to represent Utah Wing staff and present several awards. The Squadron was honored to receive the 2011 Rocky Mountain Region Squadron of the Year and Achievement Award, as well as the 2012 Squadron of Distinction Award for exceptional cadet programs performance throughout the year 2011. This award also earned new bright yellow ribbon for the squadron guidon!

Additionally, several Squadron members received awards. Major Mark Wilkinson received the National Commanders Commendation for his work with the National Advanced Technology Group. 1Lt David Rhodes was recognized as Utah Wing Communications Officer of the Year.

For outstanding service at the Utah Wing Encampment, C/Capt Holden Hardcastle received an Achievement Award, 1Lt Doug Wilkins received a Commanders Commendation, and C/Capt Skylar Caldwell received a Commanders Commendation. C/Capt Caldwell served as the Encampment Cadet Commander.

Recognition for outstanding service to the Squadron and Utah Wing earned Commanders Commendations for 1Lt Jared Percival, Capt Dan Richards, and C/Capt. Kelsi Christensen.

The evening was concluded with a flag retirement ceremony, flawlessly conducted by the Squadron Cadets. A number of flags were solemnly presented and retired to the flames of a fire pit, as audience members gave proper salutes. One interesting side note to the ceremony is that it was held near a volleyball court, which was being used by a group as the cadets started the process of retiring the flags. As the ceremony progressed and the volleyball players became aware of what was happening, the game was halted and the players stood in place, silently joining the Squadron in respect for the flag, until the conclusion of the ceremony.