Cache Valley’s Hometown Air Force: The Civil Air Patrol

The Civil Air Patrol is the official Auxiliary of the Air Force, the Cache Valley Composite Squadron (CVCS) being the local unit. For over 20 years, we’ve served the Bridgerland community by training our youth to be leaders, providing emergency services, and promoting aerospace education in our school.

The Three Missions of the Civil Air Patrol.

Cadet Programs

Structured like the JROTC, CAP’s Cadet Program takes an aviation and military centric approach to building up today’s youth and developing them into responsible citizens. Five elements are the basis of the program: Leadership, Aerospace Education, Physical Fitness, Character Development and Activities. While advancing in Air Force style rank, our cadets will take part in a challenging aerospace education program, develop advanced leadership skills and serve Cache Valley by participating in Search and Rescue missions. Many cadets join CAP because they are interested in aviation, and through our programs they can even earn a private pilot’s license.

Emergency Services

Over 90% of the inland Search & Rescue missions in America are performed by Civil Air Patrol units. Our pilots fly CAP C-182s and direct search teams on the ground to search sites. Those ground teams include both cadets and adult CAP personnel. CAP also lends aerial support to the Department of Homeland Security, the Drug Enforcement Agency and we fly missions for the Red Cross, transporting vital blood and tissues for transplant operations. In the event of a local disaster, you’ll find CVCS members filling or placing sandbags, clearing debris, providing community information, or directing traffic.

Aerospace Education

As the auxiliary of the US Air Force, we proud promoters of all things aviation in the Valley. Aside from the cadet program, we provide special guest programs in many aerospace topics to local schools, (elementary through high school), and we have special programs and lesson plans for teachers to integrate into their regular classes. This year will see the first annual Cache Valley Model Rocket Competition, an annual contest among our schools to build the highest flying rockets, supervised by both CVCS adults and cadets.